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New! Hextio is compact and uses ultimate reflection and refraction within the reactor chamber.

Sterilizes 322 sq ft

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VirusKiller Blue

VirusKiller Blue is the perfect air sterilizer/purifier for most rooms.

Sterilizes 710 sq ft

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VirusKiller is a powerful air sterilizer/purifier ideal for commercial and high-end residential use.

Sterilizes 1065 to 1776 sq ft

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VirusKiller Medi XL

VirusKiller Medi XL is engineered for healthcare, featuring the world's thickest HEPA filtration.

Sterilizes 1776 sq ft

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AirWasher is a total indoor air quality solution unlike anything else in the world.

Sterilizes 5328 sq ft

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